About Us

For a long time practicing model yachting, I've been involved with the hobby since 1980, being the third generation of the Astbury family to make part of radio controlled sailing history in Brazil.

With great influence from the years spent in the workshop of my grandfather, Reginald John Astbury and through my first job in a model airplanes factory, the Nimbus Company, I could develop all my ability in favor ofmodel yachting, both for model building, and for competitions.

After many championships attended, I could collect some important titles, participating in races in and outside Brazil always beside my twin brother, the harder competitor in the water and the greatest partner on land.

At that time, during the weekends and holidays at the family cottagesailing together, we have practiced the Mach Race without knowing it.

With the time passing by and the evolution of brazilian model yachting I started to build boats for the IOM one design Class, entirely designed and developed in Brazil, build ​​through an approved mould by the sulamerican class association - ULY.

After several boats produced and delivered, even in Chile and Argentina, I started a new project.

IOM Vektor (photo: Rolf Stange)

During the development of the International One Metre Class in Brazil, I acquired the plan and the license to build the model IOM Vektor, designed by renowned yachtsman and naval architect, Graham Bantock.

With ten boats delivered until early 2008 I was invited to join the working team at Sailsetc in England, which is a company specialized in racing model yachts, a provider of boats, sails and accessories for most of the model yacht classes in activity today.

Working at SAILSetc (photo: Denis Astbury)

During the two years working in England and participating in several championships on various classes as the IOM, RM, 10 Rater, A Class, 6M and others I could experience what existed in most modern on radio sailing.

Back to Brazil in 2010, with all the experience gained in Europe, I founded the Nautae Model Racing Yachts.

From that moment I began the process of acquiring the license to manufacture the current wolrd champion IOM boat, the Britpop!, developed by the outstanding sailor and friend Brad Gibson.

The Britpop! (photo: Texas Blow Out 2011)

At the same time also involved with the RG 65 class since my return to Brazil, along with my great friend and sailor Peter Stier, I began to develop the successor of the already established Stinger.

With the arrival of the IOM Britpop! mold  and the construction of the RG 65 Stinger A/S, the year of 2012 promises to be a busy for the bazilian model yachting scene and especially for Nautae. We will have much work ahead.

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Kind Regards,

Denis Astbury